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At Christmas I made this box for the kids to use as their Christmas eve box, but deliberately painted it Grey and White so it could be used all year round. Well it’s making an appearance again as a Easter box.
With Lucas and Iris approaching Three years old and Six months old, I find buying them huge easter eggs excessive.

I don’t like to spend a lot on these sort of things because, although it’s sweet, it’s also a novelty. I like to include a bit of chocolate, some crafts, teddies and some other bits. They have books already so haven’t included those this time. We’re not strict on chocolate and sugar, but don’t like Lucas to have too much as I worry about his teeth and also how crazy he goes and for an energetic two year old, I can’t handle added energy.

Lucas is just at that stage where he understands Easter, so this year will be the first proper Easter egg hunt he does. I’m a little gutted as Brad is working Easter Sunday, but the Easter Bunny will still be dropping off his Easter treat for Lucas.
Iris on the other hand is obviously too little for chocolate and also not currently mobile, so she’ll appreciate very little surrounding Easter. She will be used for a photoshoot though as Lucas is getting a little too old and rebellious when it comes to photoshoots, but loves a good ole Easter shoot.

A hamper or a box is such a sweet way to treat the children to some fun bits and bobs to use over the Easter weekend. We’ll give them the box on Good Friday, with a few of the bits in and then on the Saturday night we’ll leave a Carrot in the empty box for the Easter Bunny and on Easter Sunday morning it will be filled with the last of the goodies.

Anyway, with most bits from PoundLand, this box is really inexpensive. I have photographed a few of my favourite bits below but will include a list of everything that’s not photographed too. Everything is PoundLand unless stated otherwise.

  • Paper chain kit – So Lucas can have a go at making something to go up round his Nanna’s house.
  • Finger puppet kit – It includes a little bit of sewing but a really cute idea for Lucas to make and store in his role-play box.
  • Clay egg painting kit – Lucas adored painting a Santa like this at Christmas so I know he will love it.
  • Paper Easter straws – Lucas loves straws and I thought they were cute.
  • Easter cupcake cases & decorations kit – So we can do some baking on the Saturday whilst Daddy is at work.
  • Chick and Bunny egg cups – Can be used for Breakfast Easter morning but also throughout the year.
  • Easter shaped sponges – For some painting fun!
  • Pin the tail on the bunny game – For some Easter day fun with the family.
  • Kinder little Easter eggs – For an Easter egg hunt
  • MilkyBar animals – From the Easter bunny (I’ll take these out and re-add on Easter morning)
  • Kinder animals – Same as the MilkyBar animals.
  • Rabbit shaped money box – From the Easter bunny again, these can go in their room after too.
  • Lamb and bunny teddies – To play with over Easter. These are more for Iris.
  • LUSH baa baa bubble bar – Lucas loves bath bombs and bubble bars so he’ll be so excited that this one is a sheep. His favourites are the Ladybird and Robot.
  • PAPERCHASE Easter hunt kit – This was £12, but is made for up to 8 children, so is something that can be reused for a few years.

I like the fact that they’ll know growing up, that we buy some bits, and then the Easter bunny gets some bits. It’s a bit like Christmas and Santa. We prefer them to appreciate and understand that others buy too as well as the magic of the Bunny.

Do you do an Easter box or hamper?


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