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There’s something about Easter and Easter egg hunts that are just the best. They’re so nostalgic for me, and take me straight back to my childhood. Searching for eggs around our flat or family member’s garden.
Something I always take for granted and forget about is the utter excitement on a child’s face.
This is the first year Lucas has done an Easter egg hunt by himself and understood it and it was so lovely to watch him.



He started off with his little, paper bunny bag and he set off in search of all the mini Kinder eggs I’d carefully placed in Lucas-accessible places. I tried to make it so he would find them easily but being Two, it was a little painful to watch. “Look around your feet,”… walks off to another spot. We got there in the end though and it’s really quite a cute thing to see.

This was the first of two Easter egg hunts and this one was on good Friday with my Dad and family. We all watched and cheered him on and he was so happy and excited. It really does melt your heart to see.

He searched high and low for these little eggs and you could just tell every time he found one, he was so proud, yelling “THERE HE IS.” Everything is either a she or a he to Lucas currently. We dotted them all over the place and he loved it.
Easter egg hunts truly are the best.

Lucas is past the easter “studio” style photoshoots now. He’s nearly Three and unless bribed with Kinder products I can barely get him to stay still for a second to have a posed photo taken outside, although I did take a few of Iris which you can check out HERE if you wanted to. I am noticing the age gap more now that Lucas is becoming more independent and Iris obviously relies on myself for everything.

It’s Iris’ first Easter and Lucas’ first Easter where he understands and I’m cherishing every moment of this weekend. I cannot wait to watch Lucas helping Iris do an egg hunt next year, but I’m certainly not wishing it away.

ANYWAY, HAPPY EASTER and enjoy your day with your family. Put your diets on hold, push your work load to one side and switch off. It’s a family day.


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