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Being a Mum is a challenge, no matter what you do. The debate that surrounds working Mums, work-from-home Mum’s and stay-at-home Mum’s could go on forever and it probably will do too.
I am technically a working Mum and a work-from-home Mum too, so I know just how hard both these are and I was also a stay at home Mum after having Lucas for a while so have been through all of these scenarios at one time or another. There are lots of challenges surrounding all these scenarios but personally for me I have found being a working Mum the hardest.

I am super lucky and have a wonderful Fiancé that helps out around the home and brings in the larger chunk of monthly wages. This being said I still need to be bringing in something financially. I am a sales assistant currently on maternity leave but also a freelance photographer, social media manager, writer, blogger and YouTuber too. I like to keep busy and being a work-from-home Mum is what I’m currently pushing, working hard on and aspiring to do permanently.

This being said working from home or a working Mum has it’s challenges.


  1. LEAVING THE LITTLES – A pretty obvious one, but the one I find the hardest. It’s different leaving them for a date night, night out, shopping, ect… but when you have to go to work for 9 hours, it’s hard. Especially when I leave the house for some photography jobs at 7am and get home at midnight. Leaving my littles for that long is heartbreaking. I love my freelance jobs so much, so that does make it a little easier. I have been in the situation where I’ve left Lucas to go to a job I hate and that makes it so much harder.
  2.  FINDING TIME TO CONCENTRATE – When I’m scheduling social media posts, writing a blog post, editing a vlog or editing photos, concentration is key. I hate doing things last minute, but ALWAYS find myself doing it that way. It’s so hard when you put the littlest down to nap and give the other a craft to do and you set up next to them at the table, start to crack on and the littlest wakes up and the eldest is plonking a wedge of play-dough on your keyboard. Gotta love it.
  3. “I CAN’T PLAY RIGHT NOW I HAVE TO WORK” – Now I’m sure you’re reading this as I’m the cruelest Mum in the world. I have a lot of things that need doing in a week. Many deadlines and a Fiancé who works 48 hour weeks. Some days I just need an hour. This is when I have to find Netflix and set up Thomas and Friends and use that hour to get something done that really needs doing while Iris naps.
  4. FOMO – The fear of missing out. What if Iris says her first word, crawls or walks while I’m at work? What if Lucas builds the biggest tower, writes his name or learns something new while I’m not around? I also think about what else I could be doing in that time. Taking the kids out for a lovely long walk, dancing to Disney songs or just cuddling on the sofa.
  5. WHEN THEY’RE SICK – When they just have a fever, or feel sick and they just want Mummy but they’re not “sick enough” to warrant phoning in sick but you get the Mum guilt as all you want to do is cuddle them and make them better. You can’t phone in sick as either your boss will get mad or you’ll be letting down a couple on their big day.
  6. PLEASE DON’T GO – When they stand at the door crying begging you not to go. This is a massive tear jerker and one that is guarenteed to bring on the Mum guilt.
  7. WORKING ON LACK OF SLEEP – The nights Iris or Lucas don’t want to sleep and I have approx 4 hours Max. Trying to sit down to complete a deadline and figure out what posts to schedule for clients is really difficult. The harder part, going to stand on your feet for anything between 9-14 hours, I always manage but to slouch on the sofa and chill with the kids on those days would be bliss.

There are lots of positives too. I bring in an income, I get to do what I love, I feel a sense of freedom, I sometimes drink a hot coffee and I don’t feel alone; to name a few positives. I do really adore my work from home bits and bobs.

Are you a work-from-home Mum, stay-at-home Mum or a working Mum? They all have different challenges and all very different scenarios. Some Mums love working, some Mums love being work-from-home Mums and some just love being stay-at home-Mums. It’s a personal choice and no choice is the “right” one for anyone but yourself. For me, work-from-home Mum is my perfect job so fingers crossed things can fall into place.

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