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Becoming a parent doesn’t always mean you have to put your romance on hold when Valentine’s day comes. We like to spice things up, in the sense of including our little people. For example, we’re getting married in November and we’ve booked our honeymoon to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland Paris for Christmas, with the two little people too. I guess that’s just what happens when you’re a Mother and Father – wherever you go, there are two very tiny but very cute shadows following you around.

Valentine’s isn’t a big deal for us as family. We don’t do extravagant gifts or anything, we keep it all low key. This year’s the first time we’re going out, for dinner and to see a movie. Valentines day is about love. I love my fiance and I love my children just as much, so to celebrate my love for them on that day is just as cute. We don’t buy the children cards or gifts like some but we do something all together. So I’ve drafted up a list of our ideas and favourite things to do as a family for Valentine’s day.


  1. Breakfast in bed all together – This is probably my ultimate favourite one, that is until I’m sleeping in crumbs for the next couple of days, but then the crumbs remind me of the belly laughs. Toast, coffee, orange juice and cuddles with the most important people in my life. My whole world is in that bed and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy – Oh I’m such a cheeseball.
  2. Craft morning – Red, pink and glitter crafts. Very cute and Lucas loves to get messy and it’s always lovely to put into a memory box. It’s nice for the littles to make pictures for Daddy when he’s at work too.
  3. Valentine’s photo shoot – I’m not on about a really cheesy shoot of Brad and I, but a cute one of the littles. Lipstick marks, heart clothes and cute kids. Take note: 24hour everlasting  lipstick is not recommended. Being a photographer, this is one of my favourite things to do as it makes for a lovely keepsake for us.
  4. Romantic walk to the park – We’re huge adventurers! We love walks; long walks. We go for walks once or twice a week, sometimes more. I love wrapping up warm, and taking a walk with no phones or cameras allowed. Just talking, having a hot chocolate stop and family time. Especially as I work from home, no social media distractions are lovely.
  5. Candle lit dinner with the kids – We love a nice dinner. As Brad works such long hours he’s not always home for dinner, so we have a pact that once a week minimum we must sit around the table together. We love to sit and have a nice three course dinner and light candles, having the kids around is cute too.

I’m looking forward to doing these things with my family. I hope you are inspired and enjoy your Valentine’s day.
One thing I’m looking forward to is seeing Instagram full of the cutest littles in Valentine’s inspired photos.
Happy Valentine’s day.


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