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Going on walks is something we do so regularly. As Lucas is such a bundle of energy and Itchen Valley Country Park is one of our favourites.

With two parks, a huge woodland area and a small activity trail it’s somewhere that is just perfect for us. With being a family who has two children, one a walking, adventurous toddler and another who is a baby who we rely on pushing in a pram 90% of the time; We like to find places with good ground. We use our Victoria sling at times but with both Brad and I suffering with twinges in our backs already in our 20’s we try to avoid it as much as we can; especially when Lucas usually ends up on Brad’s shoulders by the end of the day too.

We find ourselves starting at the cafe entrance and working our way around the activity trail. Theres lots of little woodland animals made out of food for climbing and exploring on. From a slide to a fireman’s pole. Lucas loves the fireman’s pole which is attached to a squirrel shape. I think the day he goes down by himself without someone guiding him down will be an emotional day for me as he’s been doing it by someone sliding him down it since he was about 9 months old.

Once we reach the end we head off into the woods and look for pinecones, flowers, acorns, ect… depending on the time of year. We go on bear hunts and when Lucas’ legs get tired we encourage him to find a bright blue stick to keep walking. It works and strangely we have never found a blue stick…

Once we’ve finished exploring we usually head to the cafe, which is open more now because it’s summertime and grab a well deserved coffee and a slice of cake for the adults and a gingerbread man or Ice-cream for the kids.
Lucas then plays in the younger park which has a pirate ship, train and tunnels and he loves it.
It’s always guarenteed to wear him out a little too. Still not enough as he never seems to be able to burn off his bundles of energy.

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