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British Summer time is getting hotter and hotter every year so it’s important to keep your children safe in the sun this Summer.

I am a big hater of the heat. I love the sunshine and not having to wear coats and being able to capture pictures in the Sun with great lighting but I am not a fan of the heat, the kids hate the heat and I always get Sunburnt shoulders. What worries me about Summer is keeping the kids safe. Keeping their skin protected and making sure they have a fun time and keep cool too.

With the bank holiday weekend being Super hot and Summer approaching I thought I’d type up our top tips.


  • SUNCREAM – The most obvious one but most important. Factor 50 is a must. Sometimes the best ones are certainly the pricier ones. Suncream is one thing I don’t look for bargains in. I worry so much about the kids getting burnt and so does Brad. Lucas has eczema so we buy Childs farm for him and for Iris we buy soltan usually. We reapply so frequently and always look for the extra waterproof ones too.
  • HATS – Lucas has a bunch of hats and finally has started keeping them on his head and lets hope it lasts. He has a couple of fabric bucket hats for swimming pools, a trilby and for his birthday a Mickey Mouse flat-cap. Iris has a trilby which is annoyingly too big for her head and a couple of bonnets. She is very pale and has very little hair so it’s most important we protect her head.
  • PICNIC IN THE SHADE – Lucas loves to play in the garden so getting him to come out of the sun to sit in the shade or play in the shade is impossible so when the sun is at it’s hottest we always take time out for a picnic and a huge cup of water.
  • PADDLING POOLS – Keeping an energetic toddler and a seven month old cool in the 26+ degree heat is hard work. Lucas gets very sweaty and Iris really struggles as she doesn’t know how to cool herself down. We have a paddling pool that we place half in the shade and half in the sun and let them splash around with boats and plastic watering cans for as long as they desire.
  • BREASTMILK OR COCONUT MILK LOLLIES – I am not anti sugar or Ice-cream but I don’t want Lucas to be any more full of energy as he usually is. I find it’s a cheap and fun way of getting some delicious sweet treats. Iris loves breastmilk Ice lollies and Lucas loves Coconut milk. He’ll usually ask for Coconut or “blue” ice-cream when we go to an ice cream shop. We use Ice lolly moulds and make our own. It’s fun to encourage Lucas to make them himself too.
  • FROZEN FRUIT AND YOGURT – A bit like the last one. Instead of Ice-cream we like to give the kids frozen yogurt as it’s just that little bit better for them. Iris also has one of those netted things you put fruit or something in and they chew and suck to encourage them to eat new foods and help with teething so I put in frozen Strawberries and other frozen berries or banana and let her chew on them.
  • SUNGLASSES – More for Lucas but to protect his little eyes from squinting we use Sunglasses. We got him some with Dinosaurs on so he’d be more inclined to wear them.
  • TIME INSIDE WITH A FAN – When it gets too hot and Lucas has had enough we come inside stick on Moana and chill with the fans on!

I hope you’re enjoying a lovely bank holiday weekend and that the Sun is shining for you! Are you looking forward to Summer? Do you have any other tips to include? Leave a comment so we know!

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