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It’s become increasingly harder to eat healthy, we hear you. So one restaurant has made it that little bit easier to stay on track by giving you all the goodness of a carb-y meal, on a bed of salad. Stacks Pancake House in The Marlands (yes that’s right salads at a pancake house) have created a salad menu based on their iconic pancakes, moving the fillings from a base of pancakes to a plate of greens.

Weather you’re losing weight, taking a break from the sweet stuff or just a healthy bunny all year round, it’s hard to find a salad that really gets the tastebuds going and leaves the leaves at bay. Stakks sure know how to flip an American pancake but they also know how to dress a salad for success too.

Nearly all of the flavours and toppings on the pancakes are also available as the salad fillings, meaning that even though you might not get the cake part, the party is still on the plate just surrounded by lettuce and other such healthy options. It’s also a great place to go if you are treating loved ones or visiting with friends that might want to try a classic dish, so there is something for everyone (and even mini Stakks for the kids) on your visit.

So instead of getting downhearted at the lack of healthy alternatives, take a visit to an American themed diner for a healthy themed lunch or dinner and we promise you won’t be disappointed. There are also other options under 500 calories even with the pancakes included so if you’re calorie counting, you don’t have to be too harsh on the diet!

Stacks Pancake House, The Marlands Centre, Civic Centre Road, Southampton, SO14 7SJ

023 8178 3660

(Salad shown: Brie and Bacon at £5.99)

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