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Having Siblings is an up and down thing. One day you love them another you hate them. My littles are Three (in a matter of weeks) and 6 months old. They are at a stage in life where they love each other and it’s super sweet. I love watching them together and seeing how much they make each other smile too.
Having a relationship with a sibling is one of those things that you either have a good example of or a bad example of.
For me growing up I was a bit of a nightmare towards my younger brother but we get on really well now.

With Lucas and Iris they have this adorable relationship. Lucas is highly annoying to her most of the time. He steals her food, her toys and pokes her in the eyes but he kisses, cuddles and tells her she’s cute too.


  1. YOU’LL NEVER FEEL ALONE – No matter if you’re spending the day in the house or you feel scared in the middle of the night, you’ll always have a friend by your side.
  2. YOU’VE ALWAYS GOT A FRIEND – When you’re on holiday, in the park or out shopping, you’ve always got a friend and someone to laugh with and share memories with.
  3. YOU SHARE THINGS YOU COULDN’T WITH ANYONE ELSE – Those secret handshakes, secret memories, special moments and a love that you can’t feel with anyone else.
  4. SOMEONE TO SHARE CLOTHES WITH – Iris has claimed numerous sleepsuits and band tees from Lucas. As they get older i’m sure they’ll borrow each others clothes.
  5. SOMEONE TO SHARE TOYS WITH – They can both play Dinosaurs one day and Princesses the next it’s so lovely to see them sharing and exploring out of the gender stereotyping too.

For me the two or them have such a lovely relationship and i’m so lucky and happy that they have this relationship. I watch them together and it melts my heart. I am so grateful for my littles and they make me feel super in love. I also get some of the cutest pictures of them together too.

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