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The Easter holidays come around far too quickly! Well lets be honest the kids half terms and time off is pretty constant. Finding something to keep them entertained and for very little money is important. So with the glorious Spring weather now arriving, what better time to visit the beach.
Now I don’t mean visit in your swimmers and rubber rings but a trip to the local shore for a paddle with your jeans rolled up, and throwing stones is a good idea.

Growing up, the beach was somewhere we visited a lot with my Nan. We’d go to Hayling Island, Lee-On-Solent, Hill head, West Wittering or even Bournemouth. There’s something about the shore that is so calming and a great time-waster too.
The smell of the salty sea air, sandy toes, throwing pebbles, collecting shells and listening to the tide splash in and out; It’s truly wonderful.

The beach trips make me feel so nostalgic and I love taking my own littles there. Lucas is a huge fan of the seaside so it’s so lovely to let him run free, explore and take everything in. I’m not worried about him getting wet, sandy or picking up seaweed as, as long as he’s having fun – I’m happy.
We took Iris for the second or third time today, but the first time she could actually sit up and explore herself. Many stones made it to her mouth before being removed, she looked at shells, played with seaweed and she even dipped her tiny toes into the sea.

The sea is a great spot for kids. It’s free to walk along, explore and can be educational if you’re into that sort of thing too.

  1. THE SEA AIR IS GUARANTEED TO HELP SLEEP: Now I’m not promising full night sleeps. You may end up with danger naps happening on the drive home, but the sea air is bound to help the excitable, full of energy, Children.
  2. NO WASHING UP: Grab some fish and chips from the local chippy and sit on the shore. The kids will be excited. Everyone loves a chip shop dinner and you luck out with no washing up or cooking.
  3. CUTE PHOTOS: Capture candid photos of the kids stone-throwing, paddling, collecting, listening to the sea and all the other little memories. I find the beach the best backdrop for photos.
  4. EXPLORING: The kids can explore the shells, rock pools, stones, beach huts and seaweed. It’s interesting and it’s great sensory play too.
  5. ARCADES: If you have a beach with a pier or arcades then you can let them run around the arcades getting rid of your 2p’s.

This Easter holidays, grab your rain coats, summer gear or maybe if you’re lucky, even your swimmers and head down to the local beach with your kids. It really is so lovely.
You could even do a little Easter egg hunt in the stones too for a little extra Easter excitement.

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