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Visiting places with your children can be expensive, stressful and sometimes a hassle. I have two children a (basically) three year old and a 7 month old. So that being said I have one rowdy toddler and a pushchair and baby led weaning baby. Going out and finding somewhere to eat as a family is hard but over time I have discovered the best places to visit. I have drawn up a list to help some of you out too.


  1. THE SONGBIRD – A lovely, little, independent ice cream parlour in Bitterne Triangle. With lovely waffles, ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes and COFFEE! It is a winner for me and one that we visit regularly. Living in that area we pop down to Riverside Park all the time so enjoy stopping off in here before going home. Tip: Try the Coconut Crush Smoothie or Salted Caramel Milkshake. They’re amazing.
  2. WATERSTONES CAFE – Waterstones cafe, in West Quay, has become my Go-to. Waterstones revamped their cafe from a costa to independent and it’s amazing. Good COFFEE! Nice food and cosiness. We love to visit because Lucas loved crumpets and their crumpets are only £1.20 (I believe) so a huge bargain. The staff are really nice, they are so lovely with children, they offer a piece of free fruit for kids and they do “watemelon” water at times which Lucas loves. They even have a little area for kids to play and sit too.
  3. WYVALE GARDEN CENTRE – Wyvale is a lovely garden centre down Allington Lane. It’s somewhere we visit regularly with my Nan and have lunch. They have a soft play area in there for £1.50, I think, and it’s just so nice. Food’s a little pricer but when soft play is cheap and you can eat a panini whilst the kids run around in soft play and if you’re lucky sip HOT COFFEE then it’s a bonus.
  4. BILLS – Bills in the new West Quay is lovely. They have a lovely kids menu and it’s really tasty food too. When you order the kids meal it comes out with a little pot of houmous and veg sticks too. One thing I found about Bills is the quality of their kids food. If you order fish fingers and chips you’re getting good chips and homemade fish fingers. None of this Birdseye. I mean Birdseye is fine for at home but when you go to a restaurant and you’re paying £5ish for a kids meal you want more than two fish fingers from a box of £1 fish fingers.
  5. JAMIE’S ITALIAN – This is a new one coming to Southampton and the new West Quay soon. I visited the one in Gunwarf Quays a while ago and was so impressed. I guess from a Father of 5 he totally gets what it’s like to have kids and go out. With expensive Stoke highchairs and lovely, healthy meals for kids. It’s a winner. Tip: Try the homemade lemonade; it tastes to like a virgin Mojito.
  6. NANDOS – Nandos do a lovely Nandinos menu and cater really well for kids. They can have one chicken option and then have two sides. This is great for me as Lucas is so little I can either give Iris one of his sides as he can’t finish two or I can eat it. It’s amazing. We usually opt for Chips and sweet potato mash and Iris eats the mash.
  7. STAKKS – The easy, tasty place in the Marlands. A ‘stakk’ of pancakes and a tasty option. Some days Lucas will be really fussy with food and only want sweet things. Taking him to a pancake house is amazing because then he will eat something filling but can put a sweet topping on top so its a win win for both Lucas and I.
  8. TRAGO LOUNGE – Trago lounge is in Portswood and does great coffee, caters for kids, has lots of space for prams and the food is good.
  9. STARBUCKS – Starbucks do free babychinos for kids, they do little kid toasties and fruit too. We always visit Starbucks when we want to stop off for coffee. It makes Lucas feel like a big boy drinking his babychino.
  10. THE HARVESTER – Finally the Harvester! It’s amazing. With a free salad bar with an adult meal I can feed Iris for free whilst she’s just picking. Lucas’ meals are cheap and he gets to pick what he likes. The colouring pack included flower seeds in our last trip with I thought was a really nice touch too. Finally the kids desserts are MASSIVE! Next time we go I think I’ll be ordering one for myself. I really loved visiting here.

So there you go! A list of places to visit to get food or coffee with your kids.
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