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Brunch has become somewhat of a way to chat, chill and eat without the hassle of washing up. What better way to spend your weekend mornings than enjoying a hot latte freshly brewed and some avo-on-toast or a fancy full english on pancakes?

We’ve put together a list of our favourite spots nearby so you can enjoy your weekend. If you’ve visited them then tell us what you think on Twitter (@SotonFocus) or why not try somewhere new this time? You might be surprised!

Cosy and Quintessentially British

Our first pick is the raved about ‘Better Coffee’ provider Mettricks, with a large choice of food including toasties and granola yoghurt pots that look and taste just as good as a dessert. A wide range of coffee means you can choose any barista style drink and enjoy knowing it will taste delicious. Kick back and enjoy the cosy, home feel of the decor, with a little rustic twist to give it that extra something.


Where the Royales Go

Choice number two, is only just around the corner, with a different vibe, the vintage style of The Artisan situated in Guildhall Square takes morning dining to a different level. With eggs and salmon that could rival that in London, this is a place that will make you feel like you’re enjoying something special. You can also come back for a glass of wine too, if you’ve exhausted yourselves shopping for the whole day of course.

The Artisan:

Heaven on a Pancake

For our third choice we’ve decided to go with something a bit different. There’s no need to wait until April to devour some amazing pancakes because really, who wants to wait that long? Luckily for you, there are professional Stakkers who know all there is to know about pancake creativity. So if you fancy a full English with a twist, why not pop it in-between some American style pancakes! Or change it up and go for an omelette or crepe, how ever you choose.


Holidays at Halladays

One of the best things about going to brunch is being able to Instagram it and make everyone else jealous whilst munching their butter on toast. Halladays is the perfect place to pass the time of the morning away, especially if it’s still raining as much as it has been. This cute little cafe has such a colourful array of food and drink it’s sure to brighten up any day, no matter how long you stay.


Brunch In France

The smell of coffee and croissants in the morning is one of the best things life has to offer. If you throw in some orange juice, well then you might as well be staying at the Ritz. The closest we have to get to an authentic French breakfast (and it’s not far off) is Boulangerie Victor Hugo. The friendly French staff of the family owned business make you feel as if you’ve just stepped off the Eurostar. If you want something authentic, this is the place to go.

Boulangerie Victor Hugo:

Where’s your favourite place too go for brunch? Let us know!


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