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With such a great array of shops in West Quay, it’s no wonder that we get slightly daunted at the fact there’s so much to choose from! From denim to designer, boho chic to boardroom suits it’s all there when you browse the many stores. West Quay vowed to help us look our best selves in winter and launched the Your5 Styling Experience, to help you get the most to of your winter budget and wardrobe.

Thanks to a couple of good stylists who hand picked some staple items from some of the stores, I was able to choose my favourite winter wardrobe must-have’s! I always find shopping difficult, as many of us probably do, and end up buying things that don’t match or don’t go with anything else in my wardrobe, so thanks to West Quay I got to have a stylist help me to choose my Five favourite things for the winter season.  I also had a make artist show me the new trends for colour and some new highlight products, and for someone who is somewhat of a makeup disaster, this was great.

We started off choosing my favourite items of clothing (while scoffing a Krispy Kreme donut obviously) and i loved the personal aspect of having someone help me choose based on my style and body shape. I love coats, so it was hard for me to choose just one seeing as i have a billion at home….. All the things i chose were documented on their iPad, with a photo and the price of each item so i knew where it was from, and this was emailed to me to keep!
I then went and had my face done by the lovely makeup artist, who showed me how to use some of the new powders and highlighters as well as eyeshadow. My favourite of the makeup was the eyes, and this was the ‘Cool Palette’ from MAC (in John Lewis) using the silvers and blues. I also liked the peachy colour of the MAC lipgloss! I ended up buying the MAC eyeshadow ‘Cool Palette’ the day after because i loved the colours that much and thought i would treat myself.

Ill be back to find my favourite winter items soon West Quay! See what i chose in my experience below, something might take your fancy!

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