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After the post we published about Power Women #Femtrepreneur outfits on International Womens Day, we really got into the spirit of women in business and all the great opportunities that come around. Weekend events are a great way to network and meet new people as well as listen to inspirational speakers talk about their feelings on business and realise that you are not alone in your thinking. Female? Have a business idea or already a fully fledged #girlboss? Keep reading!

So what is Big Small Business?

The Big Small Business event was set up by full time blogger Monica Beatrice (The Elgin Avenue) and Laura Turner (Hero Stockbridge) to help bring together and inspire women in business. The line up included Kristina Karlsson – founder of stationary brand Kikki.K, Holly Anna Scarsella of Pampelone Clothing, Elizabeth Scarlett of Elizabeth Scarlett Homewares and Kevin Letouf of The Wine Butler. Speaking about all different subjects like how to take pivots in your career, how small brands work with influencers and the most important points on how to succeed.

Set in scenic Winchester, we enjoyed the pleasure of coffee (of course needed) and flowers by Pod&Pip, another of the speakers on the panel. There was stories of inspiration coming from women that worked in telecommunications, as lawyers and even stay at home moms that decided they wanted a career change. Each path they chose to get to a happier lifestyle and work life for them was different and it proves that no matter what your background or area of current career, you can still follow the dreams you have even if it is going from being a lawyer to cashmere scarves!

A particularly inspiring talk from Elizabeth and Scarlett highlighted how hard you really do have to work, and that things may look great on the outside but actually you are getting up at 5am to pack orders and take them to the post office, or flying around the world to find the factory to produce your product. Holly also explained how it’s so easy to make your work look super professional without spending hardly anything, with creativity and a little bit of imagination. Use your friends as models, borrow someones camera, team up with friends who have businesses and rock it!

The real takeaway from the whole event was that whatever your dreams or situation, you must at all costs find a way to live your dream and ‘Go for it’! Kristina Karlsson told us how she loves waking up at 5am, meditating, working out and writing a journal and by the time the rest of the world wakes up, she has already had the best day. Find out more about all of the speakers here:

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