Cross Genre Acoustic Night @ The Art House

Cross Genre Acoustic Night @ The Art House

178 Above Bar St, Southampton SO14 7DW, UK

07:00 PM - 10:00 PM 8th September 2023 370 Views 48 likes Share


Cross Genre Acoustic Night @ The Art House

We have a night of cross-genre music coming to The Art House on the 8th of September! Instrumentals, Acoustic punk and Folk Rock are some of the genres on show. Live and independent music coming live from a cosy venue.


Alex Tiniuc is a producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Southampton, Hampshire. Within Southampton, he is best known for his soothing instrumental performances on the 10-string Chapman Stick. He has played at the Hands of Love event at MAST, has competed in The Hobbit’s 2022 Battle of the Bards, and regularly frequents open mics around town. He has worked with well-known local acts such as Fragile Lucy & Issy Somers, but also musicians based in Indonesia, France & the United States.

Rosie Kate:

Rosie Kate is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Bournemouth. Accompanying her vocal performance with beautiful piano, expressing a variety of emotions throughout her growing collection of original songs.

Charlie Smith:

My name might be common but my style is alternative. I’m Charlie Smith a singer-songwriter from Hampshire, UK. My sound is chillingly sweet, raw, and emotive. In keeping my honest approach of recording with no unnecessary effects. Focusing on chords and melody above all else. I’m proud of my music not because it’s perfect but because it tells a story.

The Guillotine Union Boys:

The wokeabilly band that neoliberal authoritarians love to hate. Join the Reverend Sam and Bo Gallows’ picket line as they bring their brand of home truth agit-folk to the masses. With lightning-quick finger-picking, stomping rhythms, and rallying rebel yells, this act is for the many, not the few

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