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Death by billiard cue murderedformoney

MurderedforMoney is delighted to present award-winning murder mystery events in both the virtual and real worlds. From themed dinner theatre, themed pub nights, private celebrations, corporate entertainment and murderous team building challenges, we are all about felony and fun.

Based in Southampton please visit our website for details of public events. If you would like to book us for a private event or a team building activity, please email Bridget Wilkinson, at [email protected]

Never been to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre before, Here’s what to expect. 

Take your seat for an evening of delicious dining and theatrical comedy entertainment. During the evening themed characters will appear and a mystery will unravel in front of your eyes. One or more murders will take place, but don’t worry, you are perfectly safe. It will be up to you to watch and listen carefully, consider the clues (which will be placed on your table), question the suspects and using all your wizarding powers, identify the murderer(s).

It is entirely up to you how much you wish to join in. You can interact with the characters or, if you prefer, simply sit back, watch the fun and enjoy the experience.

At the end of the mystery you will get the opportunity to guess who-dunnit and why, with the winner walking away with a prize.

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