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Skin Care Clinic performing Botox treatments, lip fillers, nose fillers, cheek fillers, laser and other skin care treatments.

First of all, we will advise you on lifestyle habits that help maintain your skin in an optimal condition. This touches on topics such as diet, exercise, sleep, sun exposure, smoking, etc.

We will also advise you on what topical creams and applications are best for your condition.

We also offer non-surgical skin treatment, such as Botoxdermal fillers and laser.

For fine lines and certain wrinkles, we will often suggest Botox (or similar injections).

For more severe wrinkles (and for certain areas of your face) we will often suggest a dermal filler.

We also provide lip fillerscheek fillers, and nose fillers in order to add volume and change shapes.

If you are looking for a professional and friendly skin care clinic in Southampton, don’t be shy!

Contact us today with any question or concern.

We can probably help you, and you will be in safe and professional hands. 👍

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    Tips & Reviews

    • Ayush Kalla

      Posted 31st October 2021

      I find this place more affordable than many other places in Southampton. Also, their 10% discount is great

    • Catherine Jarvis

      Posted 3rd December 2021 10

      £100 for a Botox injection is quite reasonable (this was after the 10% discount). And they also do a free check up in a week to see if everything is ok.

    • hannah sadler

      Posted 6th December 2021 10

      Lip filler injections at £235 is quite affordable, and with the 10% discount, it is only £210. And they also do a free check up in a week to see if everything is ok.

    • Aysha ss

      Posted 7th December 2021 10

      £150 for crows feet injection is a very reasonable price! This was with the 10% discount. This price is good compared with other salons

    • Beatrice Frasinescu

      Posted 23rd December 2021 10

      They are super friendly and helpful with questions about the treatments. I really appreciate when they are friendly on top of doing a good job. Absolutely recommend!

    • Flore YV

      Posted 7th August 2023 10

      At TreatMyWrinkles Southampton, their unwavering commitment revolves around guaranteeing utmost client contentment with the results of their treatments. Their central objective centers on assisting you in attaining the rejuvenated and youthful aesthetic you’ve perpetually aspired to, employing their secure and efficacious hyaluronic acid fillers. They deeply grasp the significance of fostering self-assurance in one’s own complexion.