This March, Southampton gears up to have its biggest boxing show ever hosted at Switch Southampton, recently taken under new ownership. With fighters coming from gyms all over the city and beyond, The Punch Bunch 12 show is being held in honour of suicide victim Jem Newman with a fight held in his namesake the ‘KO Boxing Company Jem Newman Memorial Belt’. His partner of over 20 years giving the belt in his honour after he sadly took his own life in 2017. Jem was a well-loved man in the boxing community, and a very close friend of the shows organisers.

In addition to this, the KO Boxing Company is now supporting mens’ mental health & suicide prevention Charity Mangang with a new partnership, and the show will hold an auction of sports memorabilia, local business prizes and more, giving proceeds to Mangang. The charity support men in the area struggling with the pressures of modern day life. Mangang’s mission is male suicide prevention and helping young men to combat depression, holding meetings from zoom, in person group meet ups and walks through the common. Encouraging men to speak about their mental health is a focus of the show and those involved.

A free press conference is being held on Feb 3rd in Café Parfait with VIP boxing celebs Joe Egan and Julius Francis in attendance, interviewed by BBC presenter Ray Bishop, author of Outlaw – Britains Most Wanted Man. The show will take place on the 2nd March and tickets can now be purchased on the KO Boxing Company website, alongside a competition for the South Coasts Hottest Ring Girl with applications open now.

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