Southampton City Council has agreed to undertake an inquiry this year focusing on protecting, preserving and promoting the River Itchen in Southampton.  A panel of Councillors will run a series of monthly meetings to help identify the various different users and uses of the River Itchen in Southampton and the challenges this presents.  The inquiry panel will also examine good practice being employed to protect, preserve and promote urban rivers elsewhere in the country with a view to understanding what initiatives and approaches could work well in Southampton.   

Throughout the inquiry the panel will seek the views of key stakeholders, and, to inform the development of the inquiry the panel are keen to understand the views of our communities about the River Itchen.  To help inform the inquiry, residents are encouraged to complete a brief survey which opens on 21 September and closes on 3 October, please see survey here:

Cabinet Member for Housing and the Green Environment, Councillor Lisa Mitchell, said: “The River Itchen has been the lifeblood of Southampton since Roman and Saxon times and is an important natural resource.  However, we are aware that the river is used and enjoyed by numerous and, at times, competing groups.  We know that there are many pressures on the Itchen and our hope is that an inquiry can explore these challenges and seek to identify, with our partners, some solutions to the current problems.”   

The inquiry is due to commence on 6 October with a final report scheduled to be agreed by the panel in April 2023. 

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