Summer Thirst Quenchers And Al Fresco Socialising – Spritz Southampton

‘Summer thirst quenchers and al fresco socialising at Westquay’ 

Aperol season is on the horizon and Southampton’s new outdoor bar pops up on 22nd April at Westquay… 

A large outdoor socialising space, with loads of relaxed seating, houses a bar area all set for your spritz fix! (Also serving Craft beer, Summer cocktails and everything in between…) 


What the organiser’s say: “We can’t wait to get Spritz Social open in Southampton. Since launching the event online we have been inundated with requests for bookings and more info. Westquay is the perfect location and we are really looking forward to a great summer ahead!” Adrian Price – WePop. 


Bookings will be available soon and are expected to fill up fast. You can be the first to know when by joining the mailing list at The Spritz Social will open 7 days a week from 22nd April and will be at Westquay throughout the summer. 

People can book online but we also save space for walk-ins. 

For bookings and all info: 



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