Hotpod Yoga Southampton

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Hotpod Yoga was started with a simple mission: to reinvent yoga for the modern world. We wanted to create a supercharged approach to an ancient and powerful practice that could help take yoga out of its niche and into the lives of millions of people previously untouched by (or uninterested in) yoga. How? By creating a yoga experience like no other – one that turned up the dials to new levels. Deeper, more effective, more immersive, more intense, more appealing.

We run down-to-earth yoga classes in our inflatable, heated, immersive studios – pods. No pretzels, no chanting – just a good, sweaty practice and an hour to yourself! Classes are open to all levels from complete beginners to long-term yoga goers.

The Hotpod Yoga experience fuses innovative design and intricate detailing with high quality teaching and real personality. Now with over 50 locations across 8 countries, Hotpod Yoga has grown into one of the world’s largest yoga businesses – a real revolution in yoga that’s well on its way to achieving its mission: millions of new yoga converts.

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