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The next instalment of ‘Meet the Owner’ is Oliver Hurst. Oliver co-owns Hygiene and Safety Consultants, which for most business owners in Southampton will know is an incredibly huge and important part of running their business successfully, especially in a post Covid world. So let’s have a chat to Oliver….

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I am Oliver Hurst and I am one of the Directors & founders of Hygiene and Safety Consultants.
We help local businesses with Food Safety, Health & Safety, Covid-19 Safety & Fire Safety.

2. Why did you choose Southampton for your business?
We have always been based in and around Southampton, some of our oldest clients are based in Southampton. It is a great city with amazing local businesses and good routes to London and abroad.

3. What do you like about the work you do?
I love helping businesses become and stay legal in regards to Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Food Safety and Fire Safety.. Helping protect them against complaints and prosecutions. Changing businesses mindsets to become more compliant. Seeing vast improvements in Hygiene & Safety in each one of our clients.

4. How did Covid impact your business?
Covid-19 has affected every aspect of our business.At first all of our clients had to close, which meant we had no income, however this gave us time to work on the business and implement improvements, which have provided an enhanced service for our clients.
We have expanded the business helping more businesses across Southampton & the South Coast.
Subsequently this has helped us to win; The Best Health & Safety Consultants in South West England through Corporate Livewires, Prestiege Awards.

5. What are you working towards in the future?
HSC are working to provide consultancy to more businesses, helping to protect visitors, staff and the business itself.

6. What’s your favourite spot in Southampton? (eg parks, activities, drinks, food, any of these, could be crazy golf or dinner out!)
I personally love to eat and drink at all of our clients businesses. However, without being bias I must say HarBar on the 6th would be my favourite place to sit back and relax.
Additionally, you could find me on any of the local golf courses.

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