More and more small businesses are opening up every year, but are we so conditioned to go to the big brand names that we forget about the speciality of boutique business?

The sense of achievement when someone asks where something is from and you say ‘it’s vintage’ or ‘it’s from this little boutique, there was only one’ is something most of us enjoy. It sets off that little bit in all of us that likes to be slightly different, or have something special no one else has. The same can be said for any kind of product, a lamp, a pair of shoes or even a new mascara from an independent brand. These don’t just help us feel more special, they also help the economy. We think it’s better for everyone if small biz gets a say as well, so heres our three top reasons we think its better to #ShopSmall.

1. Helping Achieve Dreams

It’s always true what people day about business owners achieving their dreams, in one way or another. One persons might be to create a global company, another’s might be to serve the best Vindaloo on the street. Who knows! Either way, everyones got one and if you like what they are selling, just by purchasing a product or using their service you are helping someone pay their bills and try and make their dream come true.

2. Small Shop, Big Difference

In the same way you are helping the dreamers and do-ers, you are also making much more of a difference to someones life than you would be to that of a big chain. If you stopped going to Costa for a month, do you think they would crumble and close? Nope, me neither. But as we’ve seen from the likes of The Notes Cafe sadly closing down, it makes a very big difference to a small enterprise. If there’s a choice between you’re usual Pret lunch, or a small boutique cafe, think how much of a difference it makes, and you’ll probably enjoy the food more!

3. Quality and Uniqueness

Buying from big brand stores is great, but there might be that one time you go for a dinner or an event and you want something a little more special, that no one else will have and that stands out a bit more. That’s the best part about shopping in boutiques! Everything is so unique and worth that extra few £££. The quality is also a lot of the time much better, as more love, care and attention has gone into what is sold. There is more time to focus on the little touches.

So next time you choose somewhere to go, shop or drink, try to find the cutest and most unique place you can fine. And who knows it might become your new favourite!

Local to Southampton? Try Re:So in The Marlands Shopping Centre, Scarpini in Bedford Place or The Oxford Brasserie on Oxford Street for something different.

(Featured image: Noa//Noir)


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