It’s always difficult starting out in business, whether you’re planning to work your way up in an existing company, get a part time job or even start your own enterprise. It’s always encouraging to have an array of things on your side so here are our top tips on how to best get employers right in the feels.

1. Make Sure Your CV Reflects You

Everyone always talks about how you’re CV should and shouldn’t be, but keeping it up to date is the easiest way to make sure you don’t forget any information. Make sure it’s no more than two pages and to ensure that they don’t dump it in the pile of ‘not very interesting’ ones you can also include a small professional photo or headshot. This will make sure you stick in their memory a little more. Design the layout and information to suit your style, so if you’re a creative, design it like a magazine page. Or if your going for something a little more corporate, organise it the way you would expect to be organised in a job, in date order and set out clearly.

2. Have Somewhere To Display Your Work

Now this one may apply a little more to creatives rather than someone going for a lawyers position, but in any case having somewhere to display your work that is something extra will give you bonus credits. If you’re going the academic route you could put all of your research or findings into a nice bound or online book to showcase your work. Or creative minds could use Blogger, WordPress or even Instagram to set up business portfolios or profiles, showing people how you market yourself.

3. Get Experience, But Not Just For A Week

The best kinds of employees have been in the industry for a while, and I don’t just mean working. As an employer, it’s much more beneficial to take on someone that has had more than a week in the selected field. Interning for a week or two weeks here and there is all well and good and if you learn something then it’s completely justified. But if you have been working with a brand or a company freelance or maybe once a week for a few months, this up’s your credibility by a LOT. It shows you have sticking power, that you know your industry and also that you work well within a team.

So there you have it, how will you improve your employability in 2017?


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