Hey everyone, today I am going to share with you my most favourite exercise ever………..the squat.  Such a simple exercise but oh so important and valuable.  The perfect squatting technique is sometimes overlooked, thus causing injuries and accidents in the gym (I have seen many trust me!!!)

So why the squat?

Building a booty is something that’s become somewhat of a trend in the recent years, probably all thanks to the Kardashians and their bums-of-steel. Real or not, the inspiration still stands and there’s no feeling quite like walking (or trying to) up the stairs at home after a good glutes workout!

Once the perfect squat is mastered it can be adapted and used in so many different ways which can be so beneficial, they can be used for strengthening legs, growing bottoms (ladies) and they can be done anywhere, either in the gym, at home or on holidays if you’re away.

Squats are a valuable tool for training and toning and I couldn’t go a day without a squat in my life!!! Below is the picture of the perfect squat, the secret is not to lean too far forward, so straight back, keep knees behind toes and keep the knees facing out and weight in the heels. With good mobility and flexibility the depth of your squats will improve over time but generally hips parallel is good.

Example of a squat circuit:

3 x 20 static squats

3 x 20 squat pulses

3 x 20 squat jumps

So there you have it! A simple butt buster that you can jam-pack into your existing gym routine or just do on the go in your living room or on holiday. Have you tried it out? Let us know via social media or in the comments below how you got on. We’d love to hear about how you workout in the city!


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