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st marys leisure centre southampton

St Mary’s Leisure Centre Opens This Week

Following a decision to reopen St Mary’s Leisure Centre on 19 July, Southampton City Council, in partnership with Active Nation, will be reopening the leisure centre from Tuesday 02 August.

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st mary's leisure centre

St Mary’s Leisure Centre Set To Reopen

Subject to the completion of the democratic process, it is intended that St Mary’s Leisure Centre will reopen as soon as possible and no later than the end of [...]

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limitless float southampton

A Floating Experience in Southampton

Float all of your troubles away and enjoy an hour of complete silence, relaxing water and not using any of your muscles to just float away aches, pains or [...]

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Friday Fitness – Body Busting Smoothies

Going to the gym isn't the only thing important to keeping your health up. Eating and drinking right is also extremely important but it can get confusing with all [...]

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Fitness Friday – 5 Tips, Part Of The Everyday

It’s not unheard of to say ‘I haven’t been to the gym, I’ve been too busy’. I say it myself roughly 3 times a week at least, and I [...]

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‘Friday Fitness’ with Leah – Weight Lifting Women

Hey everyone Happy Friday!! Today I am talking about weight training and the old myth that ‘lifting weights bulk you up’. This is a common misconception amongst women. I [...]

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‘Friday Fitness with Leah’ – Outdoor Obstacle Course

Hey everyone, Happy Friday!! Hope you’ve all had a good week. Ok outdoor obstacle season is round the corner, the weather will hopefully be improving and people will start [...]

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‘Friday Fitness’ with Leah – Squats

Hey everyone, today I am going to share with you my most favourite exercise ever………..the squat.  Such a simple exercise but oh so important and valuable.  The perfect squatting [...]

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