Going to the gym isn’t the only thing important to keeping your health up. Eating and drinking right is also extremely important but it can get confusing with all the fads and fitness protein bars. What does it all mean? Why does it all taste like cardboard? And the ‘Warning: May cause laxative effect’ kind of puts me off them too…..

Healthy smoothies can be made easily at home with a blender. Blenders start at just £19 like this Kenwood one, but if you want to be fancy then a Nutri Bullet is a sure fire success. They include all the natural ingredients and nutrients your body needs and you know exactly whats gone into is because you made it. They are cheap and easy and there are some awesome recipes out there. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites to help you begin your journey to a body busting drink to have in the mornings. The best way to start your day!

The Immuniser

Your immune system keeps you healthy and fights off any nasties like a cold or flu, that are all to easy to catch when we spend our days on public transport or sharing an office with 7526895 other people. This smoothie will help your immune system beat away any bugs and have you feeling tip top in no time. Featuring Ginger, Carrot and Orange, this one is fresh and fruity but packs a punch for your health. If you’re feeling adventurous why not add some lemon for a little more detox power? Find the recipe here: The Immuniser

The Ultimate Breakfast

This smoothie is full of great breakfast treats and will seriously get your day off to a flying start. Imagine your favourite Starbucks breakfast snack, in a glass. Not convinced? Well how about this. Banana, Oats and Almond milk are some of the ingredients and these are so breakfast-y it’s like a little hug when you taste it. The health benefits are also a plus, with chia seeds and spinach in the mix. Who doesn’t want to start their day as a fruity Pop-Eye? Find the full recipe here: The Ultimate Breakfast

The Vegan, High Protein, Gluten Free Fantasy

That’s a long title I know, but this little gem has so much packed into it I couldn’t choose which was best so I included them all. I don’t even need to convince you on this one I’ll just give you the stats. It’s Dairy Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, has over 12g of fibre and 10g of plant based protein AND over 100% of the recommended daily Vitamin C & A. Don’t dilly dally, go get LEAN! Find the full recipe here: The Vegan, High Protein, Gluten Free Fantasy

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Happy Blending!

(Feature Image: Toa Heftiba )


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