It’s not unheard of to say ‘I haven’t been to the gym, I’ve been too busy’. I say it myself roughly 3 times a week at least, and I should really be swapping those 3 sayings for 3 workouts. We all have busy lives and whether you are an early bird or a night owl there’s always time. Don’t slack! I’ve put together my 5 tips for fitting in your fitness to your lifestyle. I hope they help!

Don’t Make It Complicated

If you aren’t in the routine of going to the gym all the time or you want to start a new routine, do NOT make it more confusing than it has to be. The more you make it a hassle, the less you’ll go. Make sure you have invested in some great gym wear you feel comfortable in. These days there are so many fashion forward fitness brands its like retail therapy for your body. Every problem you manifest in your head, solve it with a simplified answer. Don’t have time in the morning? Go right after work. Got a bad knee? Google some exercises that don’t put pressure on it.

Choose Your Gym Wisely

This ones a little difficult because it relies on other factors. So many gyms are super expensive because they have a fancy pool and the latest in laser-vibrating-muscle-pumping-machine-technology that no one actually knows how to use. But then there are some that are so busy you only get a tiny square to try and not hit anyone with a weight. If it takes you a month or so to work out which one is best for you then so be it. You’ll spend more time there for it. Make it a little haven where you can escape from everything and everyone else. And most of all make sure it’s easy for you to get to. If its a 45 minute commute then chances are you aren’t going to go, realistically!

Set Achievable Goals

Yes we all know you want a body like Gigi Hadid but chances are she didn’t get that in a month. In actual fact I guarantee she didn’t get that in a month, so neither can you. Set a final goal for 6 months or a years time and work backwards from there to give yourself a plan. Each month going forward you’ll know where you want to be and little achievements along the way will make you feel way better than never feeling like you’ve got your end goal.

Reward Yourself

You’re in a routine, you’re going to the gym, you’re on track. That’s amazing! Be proud! Don’t constantly be working so hard for the next thing that you forget where you have already come. Hit you’re goal weight or regime? Buy a new notebook or watch a movie to treat yourself. Take some time out to appreciate what you’ve done for yourself and for your body. You are so important and you should never forget to appreciate yourself!

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