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Fennel and Feta Spaghetti southampton eats

F E N N E L & F E T A S P A G H E T T I

Salty, sweet and seriously aromatic - this bright little pasta dish contains some unholy ingredients (like evil sultanas) but I promise they come together perfectly! Sautéed garlic and fennel with [...]

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Pea & Feta Toast southampton eats

P E A & F E T A T O A S T

Whipped feta and cottage cheese with lemony, minty crushed petite pois, crispy Parma ham shards and quick pickled radish - all served up on golden toast. Toast is a [...]

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Razor Clams southampton eats


A goddamn summer sensations. Big a$$ prawns and naughty little razor clams cooked in white wine and garlic with LASHINGS, yes LASHINGS of tarragon butter, served with crusty bread [...]

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Chicken & Romesco southampton eats

C H I C K E N & R O M E S C O

Spicy butterfly chicken breast served with sexy romesco sauce, garlic butter & chorizo. Romesco is traditionally served with fish but it’s just as comfortable next to any meat or [...]

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